Monday, November 21, 2011

Felt Flower Pins

felt flowers

Make lovable Felt Flower  pins from old outdated or tattered sweaters. You need to use considered one of these flower pins virtually anywhere. Pin one to your coat for a recent look. Pin a number of to a tragic trying fabric purse. Use them on hats and scarves. They're nice for house adorning tasks also. Put a row of them around the backside of a bed room lamp shade. Beautify pillows and throws. Add chenille stems, and put them in a vase.
What you have to:Two 100% wool sweaters in coordinating colors Lined notebook paper Pencil Scissors Needle Strong thread Straight pins four spherical objects in graduated sizes for patterns (approximate diameters are 1-5/8", 1-5/sixteen", 15/16", and eleven/sixteen") Pin back Step 1. Making the Patterns
The four round objects do not need to be the exact sizes given. Simply ensure that the circles are reducing in size. The objects used for our patterns had been 2 caps from different vitamin bottles, a quarter, and a dime.

Repeat the following instructions 1 time with every of the four spherical objects so that you've 4 flower patterns:
Lay the lined notebook paper on a table with the lines perpendicular to yourself (in case you don't keep in mind your geometry, you want the paper in order that if the lines continued they might run proper into your chest). Place the thing on the paper close to the sting closest to you, so that a line on the paper goes right via the middle of the object. Trace across the object creating your first circle. Place similar object above drawn circle with backside of object simply touching top of drawn circle. Trace around object. Find space the place your 2 drawn circles meet and mark a dot in the center. Transfer object to proper of 2 drawn circles with left edge touching dot and object centered between 2 drawn circles. Hint round object. Repeat above step on left side of drawn circles. You need to now have a flower with four petals. Minimize out the flower sample alongside exterior lines. Step 2. Moist Felting the Wool
Sweaters which can be a hundred% wool tend to work best. It is attainable to get good outcomes with rather less proportion of wool,so if you already have a sweater, give it a try. Lower than 70% wool most definitely won't felt.

Wash sweaters in sizzling water with detergent and no cloth softener, and then dry in clothes dryer on medium to high heat. The sweaters will shrink and the wool fibers will develop into entangled, locking together in order that when lower they don't ravel.
As a facet observe I've read earlier than that wool will not felt in a entrance loading washer. Some say that an agitator from a prime loader is critical to trigger the wool fibers to mat. However I've had success in getting the wool to felt in my entrance loader. The one thing I havn't gotten to felt is cashmere.

Step 3. Making the Flower Pin
Pin patterns to felted wool. Use largest and subsequent to smallest patterns on first wool coloration, and the other 2 patterns on second wool color. Reduce around patterns.
Stack flowers from largest to smallest. Holding the four items of felt tightly in your hand, push threaded and knotted needle from back side of largest flower and continue straight by center of all flowers. Pull thread very tight.Retaining thread tight, make a number of stitches backwards and forwards via flower centers ending at the back. Knot thread.
felt flowers
felt flowers
felt flowers
felt flowers

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